Betsy Trumbull, LCSW  

Professional, compassionate therapy services for individuals, couples and families

Couples Workshops are a series of workshops designed to help couples:

· Recognize and decrease destructive relationship patterns

· More effectively communicate and solve problems

· Enhance emotional and physical intimacy, connection, and closeness

These workshops are designed to help participants learn strategies and skills expert marital and family researcher/practitioners have developed to promote long-lasting, happy relationships. Workshops combine teaching, discussion and practice exercises as well as handouts and worksheets couples can take home for practice on their own.

Workshop 1: Using Mindfulness Skills and Strategies to Increase Relationship Satisfaction

In this workshop couples will learn:

· The basic principles of mindfulness

· How to use mindfulness skills to slow things down during conflict and increase non-judgmental, compassionate awareness of you and your partner’s experience of the problem

· How to apply mindfulness to the relationship to decrease destructive patterns of engaging including arguing, defensiveness, misunderstanding and grid-lock 

Workshop 2: Regulating Emotions that Lead to Destructive Patterns

In this workshop couples will learn:

· Basic information about emotions including the role emotions play in positive and negative relationship patterns

· Skills and strategies to identify and regulate problematic emotions, as well as skills and strategies that increase positive emotional experiences

· An effective time out procedure and other strategies to disengage when negative emotions and conflict get “too hot to handle”


Workshop 3: Accurate Expression and Effective Validation: The Couple “Two-Step Dance” of Communication

In this workshop couples will learn:

· How to express feelings, concerns, opinions, desires, wants and other experiences in a way that optimizes the likelihood your partner will really hear you, understand you and validate your experience

· How to effectively validate your partner to decrease negative emotions, increase understanding and increase likelihood of a mutually beneficial solution

· The role accurate expression and effective validation play in lasting experiences of closeness and connection

· Effective problem-solving strategies designed to help overcome grid-lock or perpetual problems in a relationship

Workshop 4: Increasing Positive Togetherness: How to replenish your Positive Experience Bank Account and Increase Intimacy

In this workshop couples will learn:

· How to begin counter-conditioning negative responses to their partner and “stop the downward spiral” of negative feelings

· Exercises to increase mutual feelings of positivity and connection and strategies to re-ignite emotional and physical intimacy

· The importance of Date Night and other structured practices to strengthen the relationship and build up protective factors